Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tom Ford: Jasmine Rouge, Santal Blush, Violet Blonde and an upcoming make-up line

There are three new  TOM FORD fragrances for which I am waiting impatiently to be launched in September 2011.

Jasmine Rouge which will be added to the Tom Ford Private Collection ( I so love this minimalistic, classy bottles)

Santal Blush will be added to the Tom Ford Private Blend - White Musk Collection
and the Violet Blonde for the classic collection. (violet blonde - I love this name)

There is also a new high-end make up line launched by Tom Ford after the success with his Lipstick Collection.

For me it is the same as with perfumes I fall in love with the beautifull packages of lipsticks as well as with the substance.
What would be a product of Tom Ford if it wouldn't cost a fortune. $45 for a lipstick is already leaving my favorite Chanel lipsticks behind. But doesn't it look just stunning?
Since I am living in this fucking, unglamorous provincial town I still couldn't put my hand upon it as the Tom Ford Products are only available at five places throughout Germany.
Tom Ford told Vogue that his mother used lipstick each time before opening the door. In my opinion a lipstick changes your whole outfit in a second and give you this feminine elegance. That's why the lipstick is also my favorite make-up piece!