Thursday, November 17, 2011

GIVEAWAY Mukhallat al Oudh by RASASI

Salam alaikum and good evening,

we are making a giveaway at our facebook page Scents of Arabia and are giving away a bottle of Mukhallat al Oudh (20ml concentrated perfume oil) by RASASI.

All you have to do is to like our page and tell us in the comment box your favorite arabian perfume and why it is your favorite.

The giveaway is limited only to participiants of countries of the European Union.

The deadline is November 25th 2011

Good luck :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dehn al Oudh White by Abdul Samad al Qurashi

Salam alaikum and good evening after a long time!

I will begin like this: If I would have to chose just one perfume house on Earth to be left among all which exist undoubtably it would be Abdul Samad al Qurashi!

So today I will try to present you an extraordinery oudh perfume from Al Qurashi: Dehn al Oudh White.
Does the name make you curious? Me for sure it made absolutely curious because I knew several Dehn al Oudh fragrances and tried many of them and each and every one was just shocking me (you can read here). So the word WHITE in combination with Dehn al Oudh and the color (I know sounds maybe easy or naive to judge by the color, but due to my experience the brighter colors are often the lighter and nicer scents in my nose) of the oil let me expect something different. So I ordered a sample and can say: yes I was right and even more I made a great discovery: an authentic soft oudh fragrance uncomparable to any other.

To start describing the scent I can say it is really white (if you also can imagine scents in colors). White like creamy, white like pure, white like clean, white like smooth, white like peace. All this and even more. It is one of the scents which set you in a meditative mood. I like to use these kind of scents on a  calm day or when I am relaxing or praying. It is really peacefull and a close to skin scent.
Here again I have to state how well composed it is, so typical for Al Qurashi. Very fine ingridients low dosed!

What I am smelling is a soft oudh note which is an internal component drawing through all the other ingridients all the time you wear it. There are very low dosed: a flowery note, something like a mix of vanilla, almond (though I hate both as a single perfume note) and cinammon; just a hint of all of these makes a great mix here.

I can recommend this scent absolutely to everyone: who don't know wheather to love or to hate oudh, the oudh-starter, oudh lover in general, the ones who are undecisive, who like oudh in western oudh perfumes but lacking the authenticity. So practically - everyone :DD

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Of all of my three blogs this one is most suffering due to massive lack of time.

Please forgive me and stay tuned. Soon there will come several reviews like f.e.:

- White Oud / Al Qurashi
- White Misk / Al Qurashi
- Lyric Man / Amouage
- and much of Rasasi

Monday, July 4, 2011

I need your help!

As I am going to open up an islamic fashion store I want to offer arabian perfumes as well. Among the branded sealed ones I also want to sell decanted perfumes. I would like to present these perfumes in the arabic attar decanter, the beautifull glass bottles with gold leafs and paintings like this:

I only saw them in UAE in the arabian perfumeries and these ones on the pictures were the most beautifull I saw at Arabian Oud and at Al Qurashi. The other perfume shops didn't have such beautifull ones.

Since I probably won't be able to catch up to get to UAE before the opening of my shop to look at the perfume souk (I heard there they are available) I am desperately searching for them through the net but fruitless!
In a few days I will be in Paris inshaallah to visit some wholesalers and I so hope to find them there eventually.

So please if anyone know where I can get these ones let me know....

Or if anyone in UAE would be content to buy them for me (would send you the money by Paypal or however you wish :)) please contact me at

Thank you very much <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tom Ford: Jasmine Rouge, Santal Blush, Violet Blonde and an upcoming make-up line

There are three new  TOM FORD fragrances for which I am waiting impatiently to be launched in September 2011.

Jasmine Rouge which will be added to the Tom Ford Private Collection ( I so love this minimalistic, classy bottles)

Santal Blush will be added to the Tom Ford Private Blend - White Musk Collection
and the Violet Blonde for the classic collection. (violet blonde - I love this name)

There is also a new high-end make up line launched by Tom Ford after the success with his Lipstick Collection.

For me it is the same as with perfumes I fall in love with the beautifull packages of lipsticks as well as with the substance.
What would be a product of Tom Ford if it wouldn't cost a fortune. $45 for a lipstick is already leaving my favorite Chanel lipsticks behind. But doesn't it look just stunning?
Since I am living in this fucking, unglamorous provincial town I still couldn't put my hand upon it as the Tom Ford Products are only available at five places throughout Germany.
Tom Ford told Vogue that his mother used lipstick each time before opening the door. In my opinion a lipstick changes your whole outfit in a second and give you this feminine elegance. That's why the lipstick is also my favorite make-up piece!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New offers - Ajmal, Swiss Arabian, Syed Junaid, Yas

Watch out for new listings on samples and decants from:

- Ajmal

- Swiss Arabian

- Syed Junaid

- Yas

The first offerings

Salam alaikum and good evening,

the time has come! :)

The first offers are placed on this blog.

Check out the listings in the headline.

The first offers include perfume decants from Al Qurashi and Arabian Oud. And there are two experiment boxes from Ajmal and Amouage!

For any questions or needed informations do not hesitate to contact me.

Am still working on further offerings.

So stay tuned in the next days.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Scents-of-Arabia Going Commercial

Salam alaikum and good evening,

here comes the next step for this blog - it's going commercial.

My perfume business plans couldn't been realized as planned and I stopped it for now. My main profession is now in a completely different field but I just have to much fun with perfumes to give it up completely.
So here will start a small perfume business as a side job.

In the near future I will offer you the possibility to order SAMPLES and DECANTS of the perfumes I am reviewing on this blog in different sizes.
In the beginning I will offer shipment throughout Europe and the USA.

For my readers and other interested parties it will be a good chance to test these perfumes as well to buy decants of perfumes which are not easily available. Another benefit of buying perfume as a decant is, to save money and not to be forced to buy big bottles which are never finishing.

For all further information stay tuned as the first offers will start very soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shipping perfume from the United Arab Emirates

Does anyone knows anything about the shipment regulations concerning perfume or other liquids in the UAE?

I wanted to order some perfume and body care products from Emirates Palace which I liked a lot during my stay there. The products are made by Amouage customized exclusively for Emirates Palace so they are not available on the free market.

The lady from Guest Relations Management checked several times with several couriers but no one could guarantee that the goods would pass security control at the airport concerning safety regulations.

The same problem I had last year as a friend of mine wanted to send me some perfume from Saudi Arabia. It actually didn't pass the security control.

It's annoying and somehow weird to me : S

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Al Hareem by Yas ..The Royal Name of Perfumes

Yas..The Royal Name of Perfumes is an Emirati company that was established in the early 1999. The name Yas was derived from the name of the Bani Yas, one of the most prestigious and highly respected tribes in Arabian Peninsula. The Bani Yas consists of about 20 subsections. Both of the royal families, the Al Nahyan and the Al Maktum, are descended from this significant tribe. 

All YAS Perfumes outlets have been given a magnificent corporate look fitted with an amazing design in Italian Marble and Rich Mahogany throughout each store.  
In addition, YAS Perfumes is characterized by the manufacturing of outstanding high quality Arabian Perfumes which are made from a mixture of exquisite top quality natural products presented in luxurious crystal bottles. 

Yas as a comparatively young perfume house established about 30 outlets arround the Arabian Peninsula but the most in the UAE which is comparatively not much. They are not that present as other houses. Also the degree of brand awareness seems not to be too high. Untill now I could not find one online offer of Yas Perfumes nor a perfume review.

Interesting is that Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi as one of the most expensive hotels offers an ultra-luxury once in a lifetime all-out package with a hefty value of  1,000,000 US Dollars in which one of the 12 including points is to make your own perfume with experts from Yas Perfumes. So if you don't know how to spend a million dollar on your vacation here the complete offer ;-D. It is something like All-Inclusive for the rich, unimaginatives ones.
But the fact speaks for itself that of all perfume houses Yas has been chosen by Emirates Palace though I think there are better ones which has could been chosen.

So let's take Al Hareem to pieces.

On their website, Yas titles it: "Al Hareem Men" with following description:
"Another floral perfume of Yas collection. Al Hareem is a symbol of truly elegance and luxury. Fresh distinctive fragrance that suits men of different ages."

I have a completely different impression of Al Hareem! First I don't see it as a men's fragrance at all but unisex. For some of you who know me, know that in my opinion a men's perfume can almost never be just for men. For me every men's perfume is unisex as long as it doesn't smell completely like an after-shave.
But this one is really not masculine.
I also don't declare this fragrance as floral, though it has a floral heart note but different floral as I use to know. Maybe out of the reason that I didn't smell any Lavendar perfumes in the past. As I couldn't find anywhere the selected ingridients of Al Hareem I have to tell you what I am smelling:

Top Notes: Vanilla, Sandlewood
Heart Notes: Lavender, Sandlewood, Musk
Base Notes: Sandlewood, Musk

It is indeed a distinctive fragrance, very exceptional. There is no sweetness but a very pleasant bitterness, very warm, deep and powerfull. It is an arabian spray perfume with an oily touch and lasts very long quite like a pure oil.

Al Hareem was one of my first arabian perfumes and will always be special for me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiration Award

(Thank and link back to the person that awarded this to you)
Thanks to Blue Pearl, one of the dearest and most inspirational bloggers herself. I feel flattered and of course happy, who doesn't wish to be an inspiration ;-) Happy espacially because I am finding inspiration in my scented little world and so it is even more beautifull to inspire others too.

(Link posts by you and fellow bloggers that YOU find inspirational)
The bloggers I have choosen are generally inspirational to me so take a look to discover. As for myself I am generally inspirational too :P

(Give the award to 10 fellow bloggers)
The ten bloggers I have chosen are inspirational in different ways, each of them in an unique way:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

L'Eau d'Issey - my personal splash and all-time love

For the perfume world it was in 1993 when Miyake, an exceptional Japanese personality, who title himself as an artist not a designer, what he i.a. actually is, launched this fresh-flowery fragrance, which was so different as everything else untill then. It became a classic and won several awards since then.
For me it was somewhen in the late 90ies, when I discovered L'Eau d'Issey. Actually I do not remember exactly when it was, the important thing for me is, its beauty and importance is still the same as back then.
Even now when I am writing about it, I have the smell in my nose! Or is it my head? Where do we memorize scents? I have read so many times that it is not possible to memorize smells and here I disagree completetly, at least for myself.

Top Notes: Lotus, Freesia, Cyclamen, Rose Water
Heart Notes: Carnation, White Lilies, Fresh Peonies
Base Notes: Musk, Amberseed, Tuberose, Osmanthos, Sandlewood, Cedarwood

Obviously it is a very complex fragrance and so it is full of contrast as well. On one hand it is an aquatic scent, on the other flowery. It is completely fresh but also woody. But woody as nothing else comparable, because all the warmth of the woods is cooling given to the aquatic dominance.

I have read many reviews on L'Eau d'Issey and it is amazing how different the impressions are. The descriptions are going from finding it from too powerfull to almost too weak, oriental?, too aquatic even reminding of funeral wreath?. The funeral wreath as a description made me confused, it sounds so sad and I disagree, but have to admit there is something melancholic about this scent. But melancholie doesn't have to be sad necessarily?!
Considering that this is a scent which depends on skin chemistry like no other, not everyone has the luck to get the gorgeousness of it.

For myself L'Eau d'Issey activates several feelings and pictures. There is this natural beauteosness reminding me of beautifull, exotic watterfalls, then also there is the melancholy I mentioned but also a very powerfull feeling reminding me on the splashs while exercising during my swim practice.

Since today is the first really warm and sunny day here and a starting signal for my favorite season it is a good occasion to take a spray of L'Eau d'Issey, pack my picknick-blanket and go for some daydreaming of waterfalls and lotus flowers in the green countryside ;-)

Which perfume is your all-time love or activate special feelings?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kalemat by Arabian Oud - FiFi Award 2010

Kalemat by Arabian Oud is an unisex fragrance inspired by the smell of bakhoor. Bakhoor (Arabic بخور) is the Arabic name given to woodchips soaked in fragrant oils or in most Arab countries it is the name given to scented bricks. These scented chips/bricks are burned in incense burners to perfume the home and clothing with a rich thick smoke. The ingridients of bakhoor are mostly agarwood (oud), sandlewood, frankincense and other natural oils in different mixtures.
At my first visit to UAE I actually deeply fell in love with the exotic smell of bakhoor which you can smell almost everywhere.

Kalemat is the fragrance which won the  FiFi Award 2010 in Dubai for the most popular perfume of the year. The significance of the award is represented in the fact it is the first online consumer voting within the region to choose their favourite perfume within the Arab World.

So beside my love for bakhoor it made me even more curious to test this popular perfume. And indeed it captured me though it is not  as good as the real bakhoor smell.
Unfortunately I noticed later that it just doesn't work on my skin. I didn't test it extensively and not on my own skin. I should have know it better, as I noticed couple of times in the past that my skin is not on friendly terms with frankincence as it is getting to be too herbal.

Top Notes: Frankincence,  Basil
Heart Notes: Cedar Wood
Base Notes: Vanilla

So I personally will stay true to bakhoor and when I want to smell of it I will scent my clothes exposing to the smoke of bakhoor like many Arabs do. I always claim that in fact I am probably Arab, kidnapped and brought to Europe and given time I adopted to the surrounding conditions by getting blond :-D

Thursday, March 31, 2011

May I introduce Lady Vengeance (Juliette has a Gun) - nice to meet you!

Scents of Arabia has obviously its main focus on arabian perfume but now and then you will find some reviews on exceptional (at least for me) 'french' perfumes as well, like today.

Juliette has a Gun is a relatively new perfume label created by Romano Ricci in 2006 who has perfume in his genes as his great grandmother was the grand fashion dame Nina Ricci and his grandfather Robert Ricci who created the perfume legend "L'air du Temps".
For his label Romano choosed the grand parfumeur  Francis Kurkdjiian who created two of the six fragrances.
The whole concept from the name itself, the logo, the design, the marketing philosophy and finally the fragrances are inherently so consistent that I can't find a comparison which would convince me that way. A great job was done.

Juliette has a Gun was mainly inspired by Shakespear's Juliette but here is a modern Juliette with a gun in her hand who is indepentdent , self confident, at times dangerous and obtain whatever she needs but remain still feminine and romantic! Amazing are also the several fragrance names of this collection:
- Not a perfume
- Miss Charming
- Lady Vengeance
- Citizen Queen
- Calamity J.
- Midnight Oud
I came to the conclusion that the most names were perfectly choosed to describe the scent.

Interesting is also the fact how the fragrances are composed in a unique way uniting the familiar notes compositions like in Lady Vengeance: rose-patchouli-vanilla with a syntetic ingridient in this case Cetalox. Usually I don't like syntetic ingridients in perfumes but this one is giving exactly that kick what Juliette here actually is: a mix of the conventional and the modern Juliette! Further the Cetalox is not unpleasent in the nose like it actually sounds.
Lady Vengeance is actually the one I found for myself most suitable though I am not vengeful at all. I am using the gun just to bluff arround ;-)
As I already said the notes composition is familiar but this interpretation is very special. It gives you the right dose wearing it: you are not too young and not too old, not too provocative and not too shy...
You can wear it on your trip into the countryside almost tasting the scent like chocolate filled with strawberry cream or to a tango night wearing your bright red dress with compatible red lipstick and feeling ultra-feminine!

Here I have the same opinion like Romano by himself: for me a perfume doesn't have just to smell nice! While inhaling it, you have to have pictures in your head, the skin has to prickle!

The marketing strategy is also to approach the perfumery as an art, presenting these perfumes only through limited distribution such as concept stores or specialized perfumeries - precisely a niche perfume!

Juliette has a Gun offer a sample kit of all of the six fragrances on their website for just € 6,90 and free shipment all arround Europe!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exploding Flowers - "Banafsaj" by Syed Junaid Alam

Syed Junaid Alam is one of the Bahraini perfume houses which are worth to be mentioned at all.

"It all began back in 1910, when Syed Junaid Alam, a true visionary and a focused entrepreneur was fascinated by the eternal romance between the region's people and the ideals of nobility, beauty and opulence. Later this fascination turned into his inspiration.

Initially drawn by the attraction of Bahrain's flourishing pearl industry, the founder of the company, Syed Junaid Alam discovered a treasure of traditional natural oils and production of some of the finest perfumes, oils, incense, accessories & selections of Oudh wood from different parts of Asia. And by 1910, he started his dealings in essential oils and traditional fragrances. Thus, was born Syed Junaid Alam W.L.L."

I discovered a perfumery of Syed Junaid Alam last year in Abu Dhabi first and was keen on the beautifull fragrances to very affordable prices. Though the perfume shop and its interior aren't comparable to the noble shops like Al Qurashi, Arabian Oud or Ajmal it is anyway worth visiting it and discovering what's behind the veil.
So it occured that I bought a few gifts for my family among them "Banafsaj" for my step-sister. Back home I noticed how wonderfull this fragrance actually is, so on my last journey to the Emirates I run into a Syed Junaid shop and bought it right away for myself this time.

This fragrance is a explosion of exotic flowers. Never before I experienced such a flower fragrance.

Top notes:  Rose
Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose
Base notes: Amber, Musk

Interesting is that this scent does not evolve from top to the base notes. It is from the beginning the same explosion what it remain at the end. It is a long lasting and powerfull scent, so it is advisable not to spray more than once or twice.
The other interesting thing is how the scent is composed, how the flowers are united with the amber and the musk to give it that ultra-exotic touch. The amber and the musk are like a coat keeping thousands of flowers present. The flowers which are mentioned actually are just the rose and the jasmine but I would swear that there is more than a yard of wild, purple orchids contained.

Aside the wonderfull fragrance, the bottle is quite amazing. The cap is created in form of a wild purple flower and on the bottle is beautifully tendriled.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giveaway "Zahra" by Swiss Arabian

Zahra by Swiss Arabian is an ultra-feminine, fruity-floral, sweet fragrance. I would declare it as a soft-oriental perfume with a delightfull sweetness which is very present.
The ingridients are rose, jasmine, marigold, mimosa, saffron, red berries, oud, sandlewood, musk and vanilla.

Though the red berries are the only fruit which is mentioned, in my nose there are much more fruits, exotic, yellow fruits and the fruitiness predominates.

On the first sniff I liked it, but while I am wearing it I notice that it is just not me! So I have decided to give it to you :-) if you want.

I have applied it twice so it is almost full and I still have the package.

So the giveaway is about one bottle "Zahra" perfume oil 30ml!

The rules are the same like the last time.
You can participate when you blog about this giveaway and send me a link of your post here in the comments.

You have time untill March 27th when the winner will be draw by lots and announced here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mukhallat Ghoroob, Zahrat Al Khalije, Egyptian Jasmine by Arabian Oud

At Arabian Oud you can also get wonderfull oil perfumes decanted in sizes of 3, 6 or 12ml. And also these precious scents are beautifully presented in the same special bottles I mentioned in my last post about Al Qurashi and the same way keeping in big glass perfume bottles overdrawn with gold and hand painted flowers.

Mokhallat Ghoroob

Ghoroob actually means sunset and the title hit the mark. It is a warm, oriental, sunny scent which warms you like the setting sun. It is deep in its intensity and exotic through and through but not too heavy. When you close your eyes having this scent arround you, you can imagine the warmth and the color of the desert.

Top notes: Sandalwood, Istanbul rose
Heart notes: Saffron
Base notes: Vanilla

Actually there is much of sandalwood and it is  a little sweet but very comfortable.

Egyptian Jasmine

Everyone who loves Jasmine it is a very must because it is pure! This oil gives you a feeling being in the middle of Tunisia passing all the people's gardens in which you can always find a jasmin shrub.

This scent is created from only one ingridient. It is light with a touch of sweetness for an everyday use.

Zahrat al Khalije

means Khaleeji Flower but which flower is it actually?

Top notes: Lemon, Citrus
Heart notes: White Musk
Base notes: Corriender, Violet

This is a very unusual scent and the name doesn't fit in my opinion. Though it is a very interesting, exotic one.
The title sounds somehow very feminine to me. Opposite is the first sniff you get. It is very sharp and fresh like an aftershave. I have the feeling that there is also mint in the top notes.
After minutes it settles down and the sharpness disappears and what remain is an oriental but fresh mix.
Actually I don't know wheather to like it or not because there is definately something disturbing in it or is it just this feeling of aftershave?!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Al Hajar al Aswad Khaltat by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Al Qurashi is one of the most exquisit arabian perfume houses. Just the visit of their shop is inspiring, captivating and gives you a feeling being in a nostalgic royal surrounding. Everyone who has visited their shop know what I am talking about. The interior is very classy and what I love most are the big glass perfume bottles overdrawn with gold and hand painted flowers where the pure oil perfumes are waiting to be decanted.

Al Hajar al Aswad I found thanks to blogger friend Alice. And it was one of the moments which really happen rarely but which I soo love. The first sniff and you are captured.

First of all it is a light oriental and above all sensual and elegant scent. It is soapy but not too much. It is so well composed like a beautifull poem without being low-brow at all. It is very silent but deep.
The ingridients are: soft amber, oud, rose taifi and musk.
But the interesting thing is that all these ingridients already sound so heavy that I would not expect any of it apart from the musk. The musk is encasing all the notes from the beginning till the end. And the end is very far as it is a long lasting scent.

At moments it reminds me on Eau de Marveilles by Hermes but Hermes is loud, for my taste dissonant and posess an artificial weight which you can find in the most western oriental perfumes!

1 Tola(12ml) perfume oil = AED 800/USD 217 (when you buy 1tola you get 1 free)
100 ml Perfume Spray = AED 130/USD 35

Al Hamra by Arabian Oud

Al Hamra perfume oil is a fruity floral ultra light and smooth fragrance for women. It is one of the most famous arabian pefumes worldwide as it was in the nominees list at the FIFI Awards in 2006 for the best perfume in the world.

Top Notes: Apple Blossom
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Lilac
Base Notes: Himalayan Balsam Flower, Musk

It is a very smooth and fresh fragrance which I would recommend for a day use as it is light, gently sweet and close to skin.
In the beginning you smell the apple, green apples. Afterwards the apple scent is gonna minimized and mixed with all the flowers. The Himalayan Balsam Flower give it a cool touch and is damping the sweetness and the musk also,  very smoothly gives it the soft oriental touch in the background.

Wearing Al Hamra you have the feeling, walking bare-footed in the morning dew through an orchard  full of apple trees with the several flowers all arround.

The special about Al Hamra is not just the fragrance but its interesting package. The bud which is holding the precious flacon.
It's a very nice gift idea as well as a beautifull decoration for your home.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My new arabian perfumes

I have bought several arabian perfumes which are worth to be mentioned so you will find some reviews on them in the next days.

Here is my list:

- Kalemat/Arabian Oud
- Al Hamra/Arabian Oud
- Zahrat al Khaleej/Arabian Oud
- Ghourub/Arabian Oud
- Egyptian Jasmin/Arabian Oud
- Hajar al Aswad/Al Qurashi
- Zahra/Swiss Arabian
- Rakaan/Swiss Arabian
- Rose Gallery/Oud Gallery
- Banafsaj/Syed Junaid

Review on "Parfam" Exhibition

The perfume exhibition was a flop for myself. Not only that it was much smaller than advertised, it was also determinated for consumer not for trader.  It was promoted as the largest perfume exhibition in the region but actually there were about 20 exhibitors and the ones I most wished to visit did not even exhibit like Arabian Oud, Al Qurashi, Areej, Syed Junaid.
It was not well visited!

The stuff at the stands were sales assistances from the local perfumeries and since I came as a trader that was not adequat.

But the worst of all things was that I could not find any agreement with the suppliers concerning the prices. I was really shocked that in this business at this side of the world there are no wholesale prices like it is everywhere when you purchase at a manufacturer! They all offer the retail price with quantity discounts which are not higher than 10% generelly. This would mean that I would have to sell the same perfumes for an almost double price :-SSSS due to all costs which I would have as Germany is one of the countries with the highest taxes.
So my business plans are completely damped......

The arabian  perfume business is completely different in handling than the western. The difference is that the western perfume manufacturers don't sell their perfume in own shops but on wholesalers who sell it to the perfume shops. The arabian manufacturers produce and sell their own perfume only in their own shops. Maybe the rating spreads are not calculated high enough to sell it on wholesale prices but I don't think so.
It should have make me suspicious that there are barely online perfumeries with arabian perfumes.

Though here a view impressions:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Parfam - Expo Centre Sharjah

So gladly as I write about perfumes somehow I did not found the right motivation last weeks. It is all about my plans about visiting the perfume exhibition in Sharjah. And as gladly I am writing about all the perfumes I can't await to start writing about MY perfumes. The perfumes I will offer...
And I am so curios and excited what and how much I will find there as the number of perfume manufacturers who will exhibit is over 100!
Parfam is the region's largest show for the perfume industry (for all details click on the title).

The exhibition will be on March 1st-5th in Sharjah at the Expo Centre. It will be open for anyone so if you are in the UAE at that time take a sight. Except the consumer fair there will also take place The Perfect Wedding Show.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

And the winner is......

D E R O S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Deros,

congrats my dear! I know you will be happy and I am too, for you! Please give me your adress via mail and I will ship it as soon as possible!

For all the other participants, I want to thank you and wish you luck for the next time as I am planning to make different giveaways from time to time!

Thanks goes to my darling Sumeja ;-) who waited excited to draw the winner lot!