Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dehn al Oudh White by Abdul Samad al Qurashi

Salam alaikum and good evening after a long time!

I will begin like this: If I would have to chose just one perfume house on Earth to be left among all which exist undoubtably it would be Abdul Samad al Qurashi!

So today I will try to present you an extraordinery oudh perfume from Al Qurashi: Dehn al Oudh White.
Does the name make you curious? Me for sure it made absolutely curious because I knew several Dehn al Oudh fragrances and tried many of them and each and every one was just shocking me (you can read here). So the word WHITE in combination with Dehn al Oudh and the color (I know sounds maybe easy or naive to judge by the color, but due to my experience the brighter colors are often the lighter and nicer scents in my nose) of the oil let me expect something different. So I ordered a sample and can say: yes I was right and even more I made a great discovery: an authentic soft oudh fragrance uncomparable to any other.

To start describing the scent I can say it is really white (if you also can imagine scents in colors). White like creamy, white like pure, white like clean, white like smooth, white like peace. All this and even more. It is one of the scents which set you in a meditative mood. I like to use these kind of scents on a  calm day or when I am relaxing or praying. It is really peacefull and a close to skin scent.
Here again I have to state how well composed it is, so typical for Al Qurashi. Very fine ingridients low dosed!

What I am smelling is a soft oudh note which is an internal component drawing through all the other ingridients all the time you wear it. There are very low dosed: a flowery note, something like a mix of vanilla, almond (though I hate both as a single perfume note) and cinammon; just a hint of all of these makes a great mix here.

I can recommend this scent absolutely to everyone: who don't know wheather to love or to hate oudh, the oudh-starter, oudh lover in general, the ones who are undecisive, who like oudh in western oudh perfumes but lacking the authenticity. So practically - everyone :DD

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Of all of my three blogs this one is most suffering due to massive lack of time.

Please forgive me and stay tuned. Soon there will come several reviews like f.e.:

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- and much of Rasasi