Monday, December 27, 2010

Amouage Samples Giveaway

Today I want to offer you a Amouage woman sample set as a giveaway. All you have to do is to link this post on your blog and send the link from your blog to me via comment on this site.

And here are the scents of which I want to give you samples:
Amouage Epic
Amouage Epic Woman by Amouage is a oriental floral fragrance for women. Amouage Epic Woman was introduced in 2009. Top notes are caraway, pink pepper and cinnamon; middle notes are rose, geranium, jasmine and tea; base notes are amber, vanilla, incense, orris root, patchouli and agarwood (oud).

Amouage Lyric
 Amouage Lyric Woman offers petals of eternal rose bloom in red nuances. The song introduced by this fragrance starts with bergamot game with spices – ginger, cinnamon and saffron in the top. The rose awaits us in the heart, just like in the version for men. It is joined by angelica and floral support of jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium and iris root. The base notes introduce oak moss, sensual musk, woody accords, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, Tonka bean and incense. The perfume is available in the amount of 50 and 100 ml from 2008.

Amouage Gold
 Amouage or Amouage Gold is the first fragrance of Amouage. It was created by Guy Robert 1983. This is an intensive floral for evening wearing and special occasions.
The top notes blend wild rose, lily-of-the-valley and silver frankincense. The heart notes include myrrh, orris and jasmine. The oriental base is of ambergris, civet, musk, cedarwood and sandalwood.
The luxurious bottle is reminiscent of the Palace Ruwi Mosque which is made from 24% French lead crystal adorned with 24 carat gold plated decoration.

Amouage Jubilation
Jubilation for Women by Amouage is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Jubilation for Women was launched in 2008. Top notes are ylang-ylang and rose; base notes are amber, patchouli, musk, vetiver, incense and myrrh.

Amouage Reflection
This delicate floral fragrance starts with fresh notes of water violet and purple freesia with a hint of green tropical leaves. The royal couple: splendid magnolia and the king of seduction jasmine blossom in the very heart of the fragrance. The base is oriental, warm and noble, consists of cedar, sandal and amber. The perfume was created by Maurice Roucel in 2007.

The samples which the winner will receive amounting to approx. €50,- are:
- Epic,Lyric and Gold as Original samples almost full
- Jubilation and Reflection as decants 1/3 full samples

The winner will be decided by drawing lots!

DEADLINE is 20th January 2011

Tops and flops of 2010

The perfume community in which I am a member made a topic about tops and flops according perfume in 2010. It was quite interesting to read the several impressions.

2010 was a very impressive and important year for me according perfume!

1. I discovered arabian perfume
2. I decided to start a perfume business and so can combine my passion with professional life
3. I started this perfume blog
4. Best of my perfume discoveries of this year for myself: Tom Ford - Oud Wood and Amouage - Attar Homage

1. I am spending more and more money on perfume
2. some discoveries like the stinky Al Oudh - L'Artisan Parfumeur

Would you like to share your top and flops about perfume? I really would like to see your favorits or the no-goes!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amouage - Attar Homage

Amouage - Attar Homage
The perfume brand Amouage originally from Sutanate of Oman enjoy great popularity all over the world.

There are editions of Eau de Parfum for man and woman and............not that famous Amouage Attar.

As I could not find a suitable scent for myself among the famous Eau de Parfum (already tested Lyric, Dia, Gold, Reflection, Epic, Jubilation IIV - review will follow soon) I came across the Attar collection and ordered my first sample: Amouage - Attar Homage.

Just to let you know up front: it is gorgeous!

The house Amouage created Homage for their 25th jubilee and the professional critics were great. So it made me even more curious to test it!

So perfumeur Christoph Chong created a floral scent with the main accent on Taifi rose which is very popular in the Gulf region for its fully and romantic sense.
To fill one bottle of 12ml perfume oil there are used roses of one whole yard. But there are also ingridients arround this wonderfull rose which make the wonderfull composition: silver frankincense, orange, jasmin, amber, oud, lemon and sandlewood.

The fragrance is so smooth and fresh and I would declare it as soft-oriental as it is not heavy in any way. It is a scent which everyone even in the West can wear daily. It is very pricey: 12ml = €270 but it is absolutelly worth. And you have to consider that you need even a drop to smell intesivelly the whole day long.

It is declared as unisex, though I can not imagine it on a man!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puristic rose - My rose

Dark Rose - Czech&Speak
Here comes a very special rose fragrance, I have recently tested. And I am totally fascinated - never smelled a rose fragrance in that way!

First I have to say, myself as a person I can describe like cold-elegant and in this way are my favorite colors, cold but lively like pink, purple, dark green, grey and same way are scents I adore: cold but lively and deep!
And this fragrance is like that!

Did I ever mention that I love roses??? Yes, I love them in all senses: seeing, smelling....

So far, let's take a look at this scent:

Would I have got the sample without declaration I would swear that it was a rose fragrance from Montale, because of the exact same medicinal scent which you get thrown in your nose right after the first spray!

All in all it is a scent which is cold but very, very deep! I see dark red almost black roses and snow white oud! And the roses are original roses, deep and georgous smelling roses.

The picture in my head would probably be interesting for a commercial spot:

There is a puristic hotel a la Armani, and absolutely everything is WHITE! From the floor to the walls, the whole interior are competely white!
In the lobby, there are roses blowing, red-black roses....

And in the middle of this scenario there is a lady, a mysterious lady - wearing a black costume, dark red lipstick having a short, puristic hair cut......................................

So if you love roses and want to test a different kind of rose perfume, Dark Roses could be very interesting!
But take care, there is no sweetness and no heaviness, just deep cold roses mixed with cold Oud!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perfume samples for testing

Where do you get perfume samples for testing???

I think it is of big importance to test perfume thoroughly before you make the decision to buy one.

For me it wasn't possible almost never to buy a perfume on the first smell in the perfumery. I need to smell a perfume a couple of times to get a feeling and even more to test it  a couple of times on my own skin.

Recently I got a sample of "Amber Absolute" (Tom Ford Private Blend) which I tested twice in a perfumery and fell in love with. So as I got the sample and put a drop on my skin I was very surprised, not to say I was shocked how it smelled.
In the perfumery it was kinda smooth amber and on my skin it was like medical ivy mixed with alcohol with a strong displeasing smell of frankincense. It was reminiscent of cough syrup my daughter used to take....

So it shows once again how important it is to test a scent on one's own skin!

The smell which you notice at someone else doesn't have to smell same on your own skin. It is because we all have different skin chemistries...

But where to get samples?

You can get samples at perfumeries when you buy something there but mostly the scent for which you are looking for is not available.

In general I have two sources where I get samples. And you can believe me that I am testing many several perfumes almost every day :-D

1) There are online perfumeries which provide samples by payment. Here I will name a few good one's where I use to order:
- (located in the US)
- ( located in Italy)
- (located in the US)
- (located in Germany)
and finally: on Ebay you can find amazing samples!

These ones I like most because they have a good choice and espacially a great choice of rare and international, exotic perfumes which are not easy to get!

2) There are some internet communities for perfume lovers where you can do several things (comment perfumes, read comments of different useres, exchange expiriences about perfume and most important you can make exchanges of samples)
For me this way it is quite amazing because you have the ability to get many samples for free in order you give your samples which you don't need any more! And you learn to know amazing people with the same passion...
And here they are: (located in Germany - it is my favorite!)

For any questions, drop me a line ;-))

Friday, December 3, 2010


Chloe has a perfume collection called Chloe with three several perfumes all called Chloe - how CONFUSING!!!
Actually all three of these perfumes are all about the rose but smell absolutelly different and you can keep them apart just by the color of bow tie at the flacon and the color of the packaging:

And here they come:
Chloe Eau de Toilette
Chloe Eau de Parfum
Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense
All of these three Chloes are built arround rose notes, presenting a rose garden!

The most confusing is the declaration of each one: Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Parfum Intense. So you would just think it is all one and same scent just in different itensity, right?
But no, it is not! All three are totaly different in smell and of course from their ingridients! I think the marketing strategy failed! It is too confusing.

Today I have got the Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense which I ordered at Ebay (as I love bargains) for a good price. But as you can imagine through all these confusing attributes twice I received the wrong one and was totally pissed off. I could not understand that a seller (it was a perfume seller, not a private person) couldn't keep it apart!

And for sure I feel very happy. I have tested it several times to make sure I really like it, because before I have tested the Chloe Eau de Perfume which really smell nice, but leave a feeling of being an old madame!
But the Chloe Intense is just wonderfull. It is warm and fresh at the same time so you can wear it during all seasons of the year! It is all about the rose, but include also accords of pink pepper, sandalwood and tonka. It has a soapy, clean smack.

It is an elegant, lively and vibrant scent! The intensity and wear are very high so I think it is one of the best Eau de Perfumes regarding the quality which I only found in Amouage untill now!

So for everyone of you who love rose perfumes, this is a very MUST!!!