Monday, July 4, 2011

I need your help!

As I am going to open up an islamic fashion store I want to offer arabian perfumes as well. Among the branded sealed ones I also want to sell decanted perfumes. I would like to present these perfumes in the arabic attar decanter, the beautifull glass bottles with gold leafs and paintings like this:

I only saw them in UAE in the arabian perfumeries and these ones on the pictures were the most beautifull I saw at Arabian Oud and at Al Qurashi. The other perfume shops didn't have such beautifull ones.

Since I probably won't be able to catch up to get to UAE before the opening of my shop to look at the perfume souk (I heard there they are available) I am desperately searching for them through the net but fruitless!
In a few days I will be in Paris inshaallah to visit some wholesalers and I so hope to find them there eventually.

So please if anyone know where I can get these ones let me know....

Or if anyone in UAE would be content to buy them for me (would send you the money by Paypal or however you wish :)) please contact me at

Thank you very much <3


  1. So great to hear from you. So it looks like everything is starting to move and how nice to include perfume too. I don't know much about perfume but if I see something on this, I'll make sure to let you know.
    Hope you are well and surely very busy. Stay well and all my best wishes for the new project.

    1. Sir,

      I’m Staying in Kolkata India how can I get it??

  2. Hi ,

    I would be willing to help. I can facilitate the transaction. Let me know the vendor and all the details.

    Warm wishes.

  3. Dear Marie,

    thank you very much dear. Yeah everything is moving and there is so, so much to do. Am very stressed at the moment but khair inshaallah, I have a goal :)

    Hope you are fine and everything is good. Did you already have your wedding? As I don't have the time to check my lovely blogs I am not up to date :S

    Hugs & Love

  4. Dear Saif,

    that's so nice of you to offer your help, thank you very much. The problem is just, I even don't know exactly which vendor is offering these ones : /

  5. Hey sweetie, I wanted to tell you about this new perfume by Rasasi, Take a look here:

    I bought it and i just love it!

  6. Thank you dear, will test it :)

    How are you? Long time no communication. Miss you! Hope everything is good with you inshaallah. I'm still very busy and absent here...

  7. Im okay but just busy. I miss you very much too

  8. I don't know if you already know, but Zahra's offers these types of bottles and all the perfumes you kist here on your site,retail and wholesale. :-)


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