Monday, November 29, 2010

Dahn al Oudh - in original

Here I want to tell you about dehn al oudh perfumes in its purest, original, arabic form!

From my first sampling-order I got several Dahn al Oudh perfumes to test for my upcoming business.

As I knew oud just as an ingridient of perfumes made in the west, and I fell in love with it, I was very excited to get my nose finally on the purest form of oudh!

And what to say, my expectations really were disappointed. I just could not believe it! The smell of the pure oud can at any rate cause a choke impulse :-SSSSSS

All I could smell was kinda horse stable, a fecal, eathy scent...A friend of mine who I asked to smell it, told me she feels like smelling a puma's anus lol!

What I really don't understand, that the oud is so precious and high in price. You can pay many hundreds of dollars for a 3ml oil perfume of pure oud! And ever it is older, the price is higher and the smell is stronger!

And here they come:
Swiss Arabian - Dahn al Oud Shurouq

Ajmal - Dahn al Oudh al Shams
Ajmal - Dahn al Oudh Lujain
Swiss Arabian - Al Salaam Dahn al Oud

The next one I must admit that by time it display in a precious, but still a very, very strong scent:
Swiss Arabian - Dahn al Oud Kambodi

And the last one is much nicer to smell less the fecal note, but still very earthy! Probably because it is a "Mukhallat" what means a mix! I must admit I like it much:

Ajmal - Mukhallat Dahn al Oudh Moattaq

By the way, do someone know what means "Moattaq"???

What is your expirience with Dehn al Oudh? What do you think about the smell?


  1. nice !!!! so when do you start to put your perfume on sale?

  2. Ps; thanks for your comment on my blog...miss you too...just very pre-occupied and busy right now. still reading all my fav blogs like urs but not commenting much nor writing. ill be back soon inshallah:) love u tons

  3. dearest of all pearls,

    unfortunatelly I think it won't start untill april 2011 for several reasons. The biggest problem for me is, to create a product line from here where no scents are available and I have to order umpsteen of samples and don't find what I am looking for...So I think I will go to the perfume trade fair in March 2011 in Sharjah and then will everything be clear inshaallah!

    ps: hope you don't have too much stress and will be waiting for you ;-D

  4. Dahn Al oud alkamboodi is one of my favorites. We put it on nose, checks and ears. Its scent gets cooler and softer with time. I love to put it after Bokhoor also it's Oud but solid and we add it into the coal so when it burns you get the amazing aroma. The smell gets awesome and makes you relax and feel good.
    I recommend trying it :)

  5.  Assalam alaikum

    Pure oudh is strong and not very pleasant to my nose too. I'm surprised some people are ready to pay so much money for it. But tastes differ :)

    I was given Ajmal - Dahn al Oudh al Shams as a present once. I was shocked when I smelled it. Could someone want to use that perfume to smell like silage? :)  But these were just my subjective first associations.

    On the other hand I liked mukhallat- mixed perfumes. I particularly like "Khaltat Makkah"
    from Saudi company Abdul Samad al Qurashi. It's a male scent. I fell in love with it instantly. I simply like to smell it. Cant explain the scent-it may seem nothing special to others, but it's pleasant to me- kind of aromatherapy :)

    If you come to the Emirates, I'd recommend testing (smelling) Abdul Samad al Qurashi's perfumes.  They have nice (although expensive) sprays for men- based on oudh, but sweet. And other nice mukhallat (like the famous Hajar al Aswad)

  6. First of all welcome back dear Alice, I am glad we have you back again ;-)

    As for Dehn al Oudh Shams we seem to have the same opinion!
    And for Al Qurashi I have read about them already and looking forward to test their perfumes when I am on the exhibition in Sharjah inshaallah.


  7. Dear, I found your blog on internet and I find it great and very pleasant! I'm passionate about perfume, beauty and modesty, and i often read your reviews: I like very much arabian perfume that I recently found in Switzerland - I live in rome, italy, and here it's impossible to find arabic perfume, I buy them n line :-((.
    I had a unpleasant experience with pure oudh.. it smells like... fecal! But I like so much oriental perfumes like Oudh al Methali by rasasi and some perfume by Ajmal with a drop of oudh inside, mixed with rose, jasmine, amber and other pure essence.
    God bless you, and regards from rome!!:-))

    1. Hello Donatella-while surching for arabian perfume in Switzerland, I've found your note- where did you find Oudh or other arab perumes in Switzerland? Thanks C

    2. One large brand of Arabian attar (oil based perfume) you might want to look at is called Swiss Arabian. They are of reasonable quality with fair prices and offer numerous oudh products. Although mainly based out of UAE now, they are the most likely of the Arabian perfume houses to have a Swiss store.

      Other than them you will pretty much have to either go to the Gulf or carefully read product ingredients and reviews, then order them online.

      No matter which perfumery you select though, stay far away from very inexpensive products with oudh.

  8. Dear Donatella,

    thank you very much for the lovely words. You are most welcome here and I love to have all the several nationalities here. By the way I love Italy and have a very dear friend there ;-)
    We seem to have a smiliar taste then and you seem to be such a lovely lady!
    God bless you too, dear and hope to read your comments further on <3

  9. Hi there, came across your blog while searching for oud. As far as I know "moattaq" means aged or matured.

    Wa salaam

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    thank you very much for the information. Yes, it makes sense :)

  11. salam.

    ouch!! these are definitely not the ones you should try when you are venturing into oud for the first time. I have tried 5 of the ones mentioned above and only own mukhallat dehn oud al muattaq. I have been using oud for many years and until today i can't handle the smell of "alshams". I would suggest you try dehn oud mubakhar at rasasi (oil form that comes in 1/4 tola bottle). It is dehn oud with bakhoor(incense). You could also try dehn oud seyoufi fakher by arabian oud. These two would be my recommendations next time you try oud.

  12. Amazing work. But everyone needs to learn a bit extra about Oud. There are many varieties of Oud and many formulations. I do detailed review of these for beginners so that they don't buy blindly. You can check out my channel on youtube Nikhil S. I will be making videos demonstrating how to burn nice oud based incense as well.

  13. Generally, pure oud can have many scnwts, from fecal and pungent, to sweet and floral. It has to do withh the province the oud trees came from - Indian oud is usually rather fecal, while Cambodi and Sri Lanka oud can be very sweet and floral. And then again, it has to do with the wy the oud oiil was distilled from the wood. Artisan distillers can (more or less) create a scent and direct their distillazion so that you wld never guess what origin the wood came from- so intensely woody, sweet, earth or floral the scent can be. If you wish to buy a good oud oil, search for "pure artisanal oud" in a search engine of your choice.


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