Thursday, November 17, 2011

GIVEAWAY Mukhallat al Oudh by RASASI

Salam alaikum and good evening,

we are making a giveaway at our facebook page Scents of Arabia and are giving away a bottle of Mukhallat al Oudh (20ml concentrated perfume oil) by RASASI.

All you have to do is to like our page and tell us in the comment box your favorite arabian perfume and why it is your favorite.

The giveaway is limited only to participiants of countries of the European Union.

The deadline is November 25th 2011

Good luck :)


  1. With my exposure in this genre of perfume, my pick is - Amouage Opus V, it is godly stuff, i cant express my love for it in words.. it gives so pure n so divine feel with its woody floral make on top of Iris & Agarwood. Very intimate fragrance.

  2. Dear Puneet,

    sorry for my late reply...I still haven't tested Opus V : / But it sounds very interesting!

  3. Love this site! You guys have really good products.
    Swiss arbaian products are the best. I like the site as well.


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