Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiration Award

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Thanks to Blue Pearl, one of the dearest and most inspirational bloggers herself. I feel flattered and of course happy, who doesn't wish to be an inspiration ;-) Happy espacially because I am finding inspiration in my scented little world and so it is even more beautifull to inspire others too.

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The bloggers I have choosen are generally inspirational to me so take a look to discover. As for myself I am generally inspirational too :P

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The ten bloggers I have chosen are inspirational in different ways, each of them in an unique way:


  1. Thank you for the award! =D This is my first award , I'll be remembering it very well. I love to inspire people and be inspired. I constantly search for inspiration myself, and your blog truly inspires me. I find a lot of things we have in common in your blogs ^.^

  2. Welcome dear! I also found many similarities in both of us, thats probably why we like each other's blog that much <3

  3. This is a really pleasant surprise, thank you so much, I feel really honored! And it motivates me to inshallah carry on blogging, jazaak ullahi khayr! ^_^(UNDER YOUR ABAYA)

  4. Oh my dear winner, it is wonderful to compliment your inspiration with such awards.

  5. Dear YS,

    you are most welcome! Keep up the good work <3

  6. Aww I'm honored again, it means a lot for me because it comes from wonderful person thank you my dearest :))

  7. Dear Rationality,

    you are always welcome <3

  8. congratulations on the award! This blog is inspirational indeed! I like to read each of your reviews, they have a personal touch and make me admire your "nose" and taste.

    Thanks a lot for passing the award to humble me. I'm flattered :)

  9. Congrats to you too and thanks for the compliments. You are one of the bloggers whose comments I appriciate most as they are always very honest,detailed and supportive!


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