Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Al Hareem by Yas ..The Royal Name of Perfumes

Yas..The Royal Name of Perfumes is an Emirati company that was established in the early 1999. The name Yas was derived from the name of the Bani Yas, one of the most prestigious and highly respected tribes in Arabian Peninsula. The Bani Yas consists of about 20 subsections. Both of the royal families, the Al Nahyan and the Al Maktum, are descended from this significant tribe. 

All YAS Perfumes outlets have been given a magnificent corporate look fitted with an amazing design in Italian Marble and Rich Mahogany throughout each store.  
In addition, YAS Perfumes is characterized by the manufacturing of outstanding high quality Arabian Perfumes which are made from a mixture of exquisite top quality natural products presented in luxurious crystal bottles. 

Yas as a comparatively young perfume house established about 30 outlets arround the Arabian Peninsula but the most in the UAE which is comparatively not much. They are not that present as other houses. Also the degree of brand awareness seems not to be too high. Untill now I could not find one online offer of Yas Perfumes nor a perfume review.

Interesting is that Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi as one of the most expensive hotels offers an ultra-luxury once in a lifetime all-out package with a hefty value of  1,000,000 US Dollars in which one of the 12 including points is to make your own perfume with experts from Yas Perfumes. So if you don't know how to spend a million dollar on your vacation here the complete offer ;-D. It is something like All-Inclusive for the rich, unimaginatives ones.
But the fact speaks for itself that of all perfume houses Yas has been chosen by Emirates Palace though I think there are better ones which has could been chosen.

So let's take Al Hareem to pieces.

On their website, Yas titles it: "Al Hareem Men" with following description:
"Another floral perfume of Yas collection. Al Hareem is a symbol of truly elegance and luxury. Fresh distinctive fragrance that suits men of different ages."

I have a completely different impression of Al Hareem! First I don't see it as a men's fragrance at all but unisex. For some of you who know me, know that in my opinion a men's perfume can almost never be just for men. For me every men's perfume is unisex as long as it doesn't smell completely like an after-shave.
But this one is really not masculine.
I also don't declare this fragrance as floral, though it has a floral heart note but different floral as I use to know. Maybe out of the reason that I didn't smell any Lavendar perfumes in the past. As I couldn't find anywhere the selected ingridients of Al Hareem I have to tell you what I am smelling:

Top Notes: Vanilla, Sandlewood
Heart Notes: Lavender, Sandlewood, Musk
Base Notes: Sandlewood, Musk

It is indeed a distinctive fragrance, very exceptional. There is no sweetness but a very pleasant bitterness, very warm, deep and powerfull. It is an arabian spray perfume with an oily touch and lasts very long quite like a pure oil.

Al Hareem was one of my first arabian perfumes and will always be special for me.


  1. I'm really interested in this perfume now! Especially since there's no oud in it :p
    How expensive is it?

  2. If I'm remembering well it was AED 250

  3. You won an award! :)

  4. the top, heart and base notes are all my favourite scents in a perfume...!
    if i'm ever in Dubai again, I'll definitely look out for this, seeing as you said it is rare.
    And the bottle looks elegant. Even more, it's made with the best materials and encased this precious fragrance in it...

  5. I think I absolutely have to get it!:-)) I hope it's possible to find on-line..XXX

  6. As I mentioned in my post, unfortunatelly I didn't find anything from Yas on the net...But try it anyway!

  7. salam.

    This is a women's perfume. If you check the arabic website it mentions clearly that it is for women although the english website mentions the opposite. If still in doubt, "alhareem" means "The women" in arabic :)


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