Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shipping perfume from the United Arab Emirates

Does anyone knows anything about the shipment regulations concerning perfume or other liquids in the UAE?

I wanted to order some perfume and body care products from Emirates Palace which I liked a lot during my stay there. The products are made by Amouage customized exclusively for Emirates Palace so they are not available on the free market.

The lady from Guest Relations Management checked several times with several couriers but no one could guarantee that the goods would pass security control at the airport concerning safety regulations.

The same problem I had last year as a friend of mine wanted to send me some perfume from Saudi Arabia. It actually didn't pass the security control.

It's annoying and somehow weird to me : S


  1. no idea darling. If it is the case, then its most sad unless you get someone going to the UAE to bring it back for you?

  2. yeah that's the option I agreed with the manager from EP but unfortunately nobody is going in the near future : /

  3. Actually national post will deliver it but tthe destination customs has accept it.
    No liquid is allowed to leave Saudi,whether courier like DHL or national post.

    I am from the UAE and regularly send perfume samples abroad.

  4. You won the Butterly Award :)


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