Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perfume samples for testing

Where do you get perfume samples for testing???

I think it is of big importance to test perfume thoroughly before you make the decision to buy one.

For me it wasn't possible almost never to buy a perfume on the first smell in the perfumery. I need to smell a perfume a couple of times to get a feeling and even more to test it  a couple of times on my own skin.

Recently I got a sample of "Amber Absolute" (Tom Ford Private Blend) which I tested twice in a perfumery and fell in love with. So as I got the sample and put a drop on my skin I was very surprised, not to say I was shocked how it smelled.
In the perfumery it was kinda smooth amber and on my skin it was like medical ivy mixed with alcohol with a strong displeasing smell of frankincense. It was reminiscent of cough syrup my daughter used to take....

So it shows once again how important it is to test a scent on one's own skin!

The smell which you notice at someone else doesn't have to smell same on your own skin. It is because we all have different skin chemistries...

But where to get samples?

You can get samples at perfumeries when you buy something there but mostly the scent for which you are looking for is not available.

In general I have two sources where I get samples. And you can believe me that I am testing many several perfumes almost every day :-D

1) There are online perfumeries which provide samples by payment. Here I will name a few good one's where I use to order:
- (located in the US)
- ( located in Italy)
- (located in the US)
- (located in Germany)
and finally: on Ebay you can find amazing samples!

These ones I like most because they have a good choice and espacially a great choice of rare and international, exotic perfumes which are not easy to get!

2) There are some internet communities for perfume lovers where you can do several things (comment perfumes, read comments of different useres, exchange expiriences about perfume and most important you can make exchanges of samples)
For me this way it is quite amazing because you have the ability to get many samples for free in order you give your samples which you don't need any more! And you learn to know amazing people with the same passion...
And here they are: (located in Germany - it is my favorite!)

For any questions, drop me a line ;-))


  1. your blog is like perfume heaven for me i swear, if i become broke because i spent all my money on the perfumes you exquisitely described i blame you :P
    id honestly love to see you have a perfumery best of luck

  2. Awwwwwwwwww Naz,
    I so love this kind of comments from you. It is great to get these words full of encouragement, thank you so much my dear!
    You know I just can't await to start but have to keep in patience as the perfume trade in Sharja is decisive and it will be not untill March :-((

    Much love in your direction ;-**

  3. I'm not sure if they do it in Germany but in the UK, they sometimes give away free samples to launch a new fragrance...although I'm not sure that's the best way to sample fragrances because it doesn't come in vials; rather it comes in a paper fold you have to lift but it's still preserved very well (if that makes sense? Just as in mags!)
    i.e. like the following site:

    you can easily google them ^.^

  4. In Germany you get samples in glass vials and the paper folds in magazines. So it is ok here! And yes it doesn't make sense to test it just with paper folds. A scent you can only test on your skin over a longer period in order to check the heart and base note and compatibility with your own skin!


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