Monday, December 27, 2010

Amouage Samples Giveaway

Today I want to offer you a Amouage woman sample set as a giveaway. All you have to do is to link this post on your blog and send the link from your blog to me via comment on this site.

And here are the scents of which I want to give you samples:
Amouage Epic
Amouage Epic Woman by Amouage is a oriental floral fragrance for women. Amouage Epic Woman was introduced in 2009. Top notes are caraway, pink pepper and cinnamon; middle notes are rose, geranium, jasmine and tea; base notes are amber, vanilla, incense, orris root, patchouli and agarwood (oud).

Amouage Lyric
 Amouage Lyric Woman offers petals of eternal rose bloom in red nuances. The song introduced by this fragrance starts with bergamot game with spices – ginger, cinnamon and saffron in the top. The rose awaits us in the heart, just like in the version for men. It is joined by angelica and floral support of jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium and iris root. The base notes introduce oak moss, sensual musk, woody accords, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, Tonka bean and incense. The perfume is available in the amount of 50 and 100 ml from 2008.

Amouage Gold
 Amouage or Amouage Gold is the first fragrance of Amouage. It was created by Guy Robert 1983. This is an intensive floral for evening wearing and special occasions.
The top notes blend wild rose, lily-of-the-valley and silver frankincense. The heart notes include myrrh, orris and jasmine. The oriental base is of ambergris, civet, musk, cedarwood and sandalwood.
The luxurious bottle is reminiscent of the Palace Ruwi Mosque which is made from 24% French lead crystal adorned with 24 carat gold plated decoration.

Amouage Jubilation
Jubilation for Women by Amouage is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Jubilation for Women was launched in 2008. Top notes are ylang-ylang and rose; base notes are amber, patchouli, musk, vetiver, incense and myrrh.

Amouage Reflection
This delicate floral fragrance starts with fresh notes of water violet and purple freesia with a hint of green tropical leaves. The royal couple: splendid magnolia and the king of seduction jasmine blossom in the very heart of the fragrance. The base is oriental, warm and noble, consists of cedar, sandal and amber. The perfume was created by Maurice Roucel in 2007.

The samples which the winner will receive amounting to approx. €50,- are:
- Epic,Lyric and Gold as Original samples almost full
- Jubilation and Reflection as decants 1/3 full samples

The winner will be decided by drawing lots!

DEADLINE is 20th January 2011


  1. InshAllah I will do this :)

  2. My dear deros,

    of course you too! But you have to link my post on your blog honey ;-)

  3. Dear Noor,

    finally you are baack :-D

    You know I could not find you after your first visit here and now I ve got you!
    Your blog is absolutelly wonderfull <3

  4. Me, me, me! Me wants it all.. LOL

    P.S. Any thoughts on Chanel No. 5 and other perfume with jasmine in it? Thanks! xoxo

  5. Dear Bitten,

    sure you can participiate, wish you luck honey :-D

    As for Chanel No.5 there is jasmine among many other ingridients. No.5 is the most popular perfume worldwide since ever..But it is all about either you love it or you hate it.
    For my taste it is too madamlike and I would not recommend it to younger women. But everyone should choose what best suits oneself.
    I am using "Coco Mademoiselle" - Chanel. There is also Jasmin in it and it is gorgoues. But as I said before it is a question of personal taste.

    As for the jasmin there is an interesting perfume from Jo Malone "Jasmine&Mint Cologne", very fresh and amazing!

    There is also Attar Jasmin from Amouage. I have read some recensions and it is described like the best jasmin ever because it is a pure jasmin fragrance! You can get it for approx. $70 here:

    Hope I could be of some help my dear <3

  6. Thanks dear <3

    I'm removing Chanel No. 5 from my wish list now :D

    I like how you described Jo Malone's Jasmine & Mint cologne = very fresh and amazing, I'm gonna try it soon :)

    As for Amouage, let me know once you have "experienced" it..

    Thanks again for the info. xoxo

  7. Happy New Year to you =)

    Liking your blog! It's good you linked me your blog in your comment. I didn't know how to see if you had a blog! =P

    Amouage sounds very familiar...either I have it already or I must have seen it in Dubai. Didn't know they had so many versions!

  8. Dear Sorlisa,

    for you I wish also a happy New Year and thank you for the nice comment!

    As for "either I have it or..." was just laughing about; you really don't know if you have it?
    How much perfumes do you posess? Are you also a perfume addict ;-DD ???


  9. Check out this,

  10. Thank you very much Blue Pearl for the beautifull post about my blog. It is more than nice <3
    And of cours you are also participating - wish you luck honey!

  11. i only have 1 arabian perfume . H gave it to me but its tooo strong. i love sumthing smells fruity.anything dat u can recommend??


  12. Oh I'd love to join in too!! :) <3 Lots of love and hugs to you - and thanks for this wonderful offer.

  13. Dear sis,

    I am new to your blog. Simply love it!

    Please count me in for the free samples.

    Many thanks and have a nice weekend!

  14. Dear Silla,
    sorry untill now I did not test anything fruity among the arabian perfumes, but I saw some description about fruity ingridients by Rasasi perfume.
    Anyway I will check in March on the perfume trade and will let you know inshaallah.
    The most arabian perfume are woody, musky, roses and other flowers. The most perfumes are strong but there are also so-called soft-oriental perfumes. You can find a various choice of soft arabian perfumes at "Arabian Oud". Or you can wait till March / April and you can buy it at me :-P

  15. @rose water: You are welcome my dear. Wish you luck and love you too <3

    @Ati: Dear you are most welcome!
    Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for the nice words and for linking me. Wish you luck!!!

  16. I love amouage. and I knew nothing of your contest when I posted this;) :

  17. Dear Opno,

    amazing :-D
    Obviously I missed that post ;-)

    Wish you luck!

  18. i search more in the net about this brand... what can i say, i think Amouage Reflection it is mine and if i can not be winner in your giveaway anyway will try buy it in uae when go there in my vacation, inshallah


    Keep writing; I enjoy your blog. :)

  20. Thank you very much, Jen! I love your blog too, your stuff is so great and your idea about your perfume blog just exciting. Anyway I will follow you on your journey!

    Wish you luck ;-))

  21. I wish I had participated :( he he :)

    I've never tried anything Amouage. But their fragrances are on my wish list! inshallah... inshallah.. I'll get me some :)

  22. You should try it anyway. The quality, durability and intesity is uncomparable! Try Amouage Homage oil and Lyric EdP, my favorits :))

  23. Love to try any scents of these. Do they have Amouage perfumes for men? :)



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