Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amouage - Attar Homage

Amouage - Attar Homage
The perfume brand Amouage originally from Sutanate of Oman enjoy great popularity all over the world.

There are editions of Eau de Parfum for man and woman and............not that famous Amouage Attar.

As I could not find a suitable scent for myself among the famous Eau de Parfum (already tested Lyric, Dia, Gold, Reflection, Epic, Jubilation IIV - review will follow soon) I came across the Attar collection and ordered my first sample: Amouage - Attar Homage.

Just to let you know up front: it is gorgeous!

The house Amouage created Homage for their 25th jubilee and the professional critics were great. So it made me even more curious to test it!

So perfumeur Christoph Chong created a floral scent with the main accent on Taifi rose which is very popular in the Gulf region for its fully and romantic sense.
To fill one bottle of 12ml perfume oil there are used roses of one whole yard. But there are also ingridients arround this wonderfull rose which make the wonderfull composition: silver frankincense, orange, jasmin, amber, oud, lemon and sandlewood.

The fragrance is so smooth and fresh and I would declare it as soft-oriental as it is not heavy in any way. It is a scent which everyone even in the West can wear daily. It is very pricey: 12ml = €270 but it is absolutelly worth. And you have to consider that you need even a drop to smell intesivelly the whole day long.

It is declared as unisex, though I can not imagine it on a man!


  1. 12ml = €270!!! but very interesting to test it!

  2. It is very pricy and most people would not pay it though they could afford it. But me as I am totally crazy, (and I really mean CRAZY lol) about perfume....

  3. @hijabs and Co: I also fell in love with it, what does not happen too often, so I ordered it and can't await to get it. Am also curious about the other attars from Amouage, have also orderes samples!
    By the way, your blog is absolutelly wonderfull <3


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