Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puristic rose - My rose

Dark Rose - Czech&Speak
Here comes a very special rose fragrance, I have recently tested. And I am totally fascinated - never smelled a rose fragrance in that way!

First I have to say, myself as a person I can describe like cold-elegant and in this way are my favorite colors, cold but lively like pink, purple, dark green, grey and same way are scents I adore: cold but lively and deep!
And this fragrance is like that!

Did I ever mention that I love roses??? Yes, I love them in all senses: seeing, smelling....

So far, let's take a look at this scent:

Would I have got the sample without declaration I would swear that it was a rose fragrance from Montale, because of the exact same medicinal scent which you get thrown in your nose right after the first spray!

All in all it is a scent which is cold but very, very deep! I see dark red almost black roses and snow white oud! And the roses are original roses, deep and georgous smelling roses.

The picture in my head would probably be interesting for a commercial spot:

There is a puristic hotel a la Armani, and absolutely everything is WHITE! From the floor to the walls, the whole interior are competely white!
In the lobby, there are roses blowing, red-black roses....

And in the middle of this scenario there is a lady, a mysterious lady - wearing a black costume, dark red lipstick having a short, puristic hair cut......................................

So if you love roses and want to test a different kind of rose perfume, Dark Roses could be very interesting!
But take care, there is no sweetness and no heaviness, just deep cold roses mixed with cold Oud!


  1. Thanx so much for sharing all this knowledge. I read all your blog and I will come back for sure!!!

  2. You are most welcome Eva. It is a pleasure for me to share it!


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