Monday, March 14, 2011

Al Hajar al Aswad Khaltat by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Al Qurashi is one of the most exquisit arabian perfume houses. Just the visit of their shop is inspiring, captivating and gives you a feeling being in a nostalgic royal surrounding. Everyone who has visited their shop know what I am talking about. The interior is very classy and what I love most are the big glass perfume bottles overdrawn with gold and hand painted flowers where the pure oil perfumes are waiting to be decanted.

Al Hajar al Aswad I found thanks to blogger friend Alice. And it was one of the moments which really happen rarely but which I soo love. The first sniff and you are captured.

First of all it is a light oriental and above all sensual and elegant scent. It is soapy but not too much. It is so well composed like a beautifull poem without being low-brow at all. It is very silent but deep.
The ingridients are: soft amber, oud, rose taifi and musk.
But the interesting thing is that all these ingridients already sound so heavy that I would not expect any of it apart from the musk. The musk is encasing all the notes from the beginning till the end. And the end is very far as it is a long lasting scent.

At moments it reminds me on Eau de Marveilles by Hermes but Hermes is loud, for my taste dissonant and posess an artificial weight which you can find in the most western oriental perfumes!

1 Tola(12ml) perfume oil = AED 800/USD 217 (when you buy 1tola you get 1 free)
100 ml Perfume Spray = AED 130/USD 35


  1. I'm really liking your descriptions for your perfumes ^.^
    and I'll be sure to visit arabian oud for the al hamra!
    i'm so into musks so this also sounds like a good mixture of scents

  2. Assalam alaikum.

    My husband uses both the oil and the perfume spray which he sprays generously on his kandura. To me the spray smells quite differently from the oil. It's sweet, gentle, soft, with some freshness. And the oil is more masculine, warm, intimate and sensual. When I try to describe the smell, the words "simple, uncomplicated, natural" come to mind.

  3. Dear Sorlisa,
    thank you very much <3
    I also love musky scents! Will make some more reviews on them ;-)

  4. Wa alaikumu salam Alice,

    thank you for the tip on this perfume. It is my favorit of all I have bought :-D
    I like the oil more and the spray I am also using for my clothes! But I don't see the oil as masculine it is wonderfully unisex ;-) for me

  5. Hello

    Where can i buy Hajar al aswad perfume in the UK? I heard the Abdul samad al Qurashi shop in Knightsbridge is closed.

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    yeah I also heard that the shop closed! So there is only the chance to buy Al Qurashi Perfumes via ebay (very limited choice)! But there are many ebayer from the UK, just write them a message, maybe they can help you!

  7. salam.

    What a lovely perfume al hajar alaswad is. Just make sure when you pass by abdul samad al qurashi next time to asktry the "royal alhajar al aswad" which is AED 3000/USD 815 for a tola!! You could also try alkhitam musk which is my favourite ASAQ perfume and costs AED 300 for a tola.

  8. hi bought the perfume spay when i was in saudi and have been looking for it in London but ave been unable to find it. Does anyone know where it is available in the UK?

  9. Does al hajar al aswad royal smell the same as al hajar al aswad regular?. I have al hajar al aswad by ASAQ but I don't have the Royal.


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