Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mukhallat Ghoroob, Zahrat Al Khalije, Egyptian Jasmine by Arabian Oud

At Arabian Oud you can also get wonderfull oil perfumes decanted in sizes of 3, 6 or 12ml. And also these precious scents are beautifully presented in the same special bottles I mentioned in my last post about Al Qurashi and the same way keeping in big glass perfume bottles overdrawn with gold and hand painted flowers.

Mokhallat Ghoroob

Ghoroob actually means sunset and the title hit the mark. It is a warm, oriental, sunny scent which warms you like the setting sun. It is deep in its intensity and exotic through and through but not too heavy. When you close your eyes having this scent arround you, you can imagine the warmth and the color of the desert.

Top notes: Sandalwood, Istanbul rose
Heart notes: Saffron
Base notes: Vanilla

Actually there is much of sandalwood and it is  a little sweet but very comfortable.

Egyptian Jasmine

Everyone who loves Jasmine it is a very must because it is pure! This oil gives you a feeling being in the middle of Tunisia passing all the people's gardens in which you can always find a jasmin shrub.

This scent is created from only one ingridient. It is light with a touch of sweetness for an everyday use.

Zahrat al Khalije

means Khaleeji Flower but which flower is it actually?

Top notes: Lemon, Citrus
Heart notes: White Musk
Base notes: Corriender, Violet

This is a very unusual scent and the name doesn't fit in my opinion. Though it is a very interesting, exotic one.
The title sounds somehow very feminine to me. Opposite is the first sniff you get. It is very sharp and fresh like an aftershave. I have the feeling that there is also mint in the top notes.
After minutes it settles down and the sharpness disappears and what remain is an oriental but fresh mix.
Actually I don't know wheather to like it or not because there is definately something disturbing in it or is it just this feeling of aftershave?!


  1. Mokhallat Ghoroob sounds lovely.

  2. What I love most about it is that is a such authentic arabian scent without being too strong. And that is because of the sandlewood and not oud as the oriental note. I really love sandlewood though it is too strong for everyday use!

  3. Interesting... hm... I'm going to try some new Oud's as well... I'll let you know how it goes about!

  4. My husband has perfumes in these bottles :D And I have one too with musk :) But I don't know what the top-, heart- and base notes are, I just know that I think it is amazing how much you know about perfumes :D <3

  5. @Mrs. Handbag: can't wait to read your reviews ;-)

    @rose: :-) it occured through my passion that I got into it!

  6. the Egyptian Jasmine grabbed my attention the most... I like jasmine scents and knowing that's pure jasmine makes it even more appealing.
    Whenever I have spare time, I'm making that trip to Arabian Oud!

  7. Indeed the Jasmine is just lovely as it is pure and just nice and comfortable. I am sure you will love it ;-))

  8. Ghroub by Arabian Oud is an amazing smell, I was fortunate enough to have a big bottle with the full gift pack after parents came back from Hajj a good few years ago. Its only just about to run out.

    Its definitely a favourite and love smelling of it going to Jummah prayers.

    I seriously recommend it


    Shakeel HUssain


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