Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review on "Parfam" Exhibition

The perfume exhibition was a flop for myself. Not only that it was much smaller than advertised, it was also determinated for consumer not for trader.  It was promoted as the largest perfume exhibition in the region but actually there were about 20 exhibitors and the ones I most wished to visit did not even exhibit like Arabian Oud, Al Qurashi, Areej, Syed Junaid.
It was not well visited!

The stuff at the stands were sales assistances from the local perfumeries and since I came as a trader that was not adequat.

But the worst of all things was that I could not find any agreement with the suppliers concerning the prices. I was really shocked that in this business at this side of the world there are no wholesale prices like it is everywhere when you purchase at a manufacturer! They all offer the retail price with quantity discounts which are not higher than 10% generelly. This would mean that I would have to sell the same perfumes for an almost double price :-SSSS due to all costs which I would have as Germany is one of the countries with the highest taxes.
So my business plans are completely damped......

The arabian  perfume business is completely different in handling than the western. The difference is that the western perfume manufacturers don't sell their perfume in own shops but on wholesalers who sell it to the perfume shops. The arabian manufacturers produce and sell their own perfume only in their own shops. Maybe the rating spreads are not calculated high enough to sell it on wholesale prices but I don't think so.
It should have make me suspicious that there are barely online perfumeries with arabian perfumes.

Though here a view impressions:


  1. i think i lost my previous comment some back Sheikha!!! Sorry that the exhibition did not go too well but do not give up! Keep forging ahead. Great pictures btw.

  2. ohh no =/ sad that it didn't work out... I told you before how my mom was in the business? But she's had to go to China and make similar versions because its too costly to re-sell or even produce in the region =( shame, but are you still thinking of doing something cosmetics related?

  3. Dear Mrs. Handbag,
    thank you very much for your sympathy, it is really disappointing and for me not understandable! Well, at the moment I don't have a concrete idea how to proceed in this field.At this time I have the offer from my brother to enter into his furniture business and to open up a new store...Am seriously interested :-)

  4. Hi, how about doing similar exhibition in Malaysia? Contact me at


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