Thursday, March 31, 2011

May I introduce Lady Vengeance (Juliette has a Gun) - nice to meet you!

Scents of Arabia has obviously its main focus on arabian perfume but now and then you will find some reviews on exceptional (at least for me) 'french' perfumes as well, like today.

Juliette has a Gun is a relatively new perfume label created by Romano Ricci in 2006 who has perfume in his genes as his great grandmother was the grand fashion dame Nina Ricci and his grandfather Robert Ricci who created the perfume legend "L'air du Temps".
For his label Romano choosed the grand parfumeur  Francis Kurkdjiian who created two of the six fragrances.
The whole concept from the name itself, the logo, the design, the marketing philosophy and finally the fragrances are inherently so consistent that I can't find a comparison which would convince me that way. A great job was done.

Juliette has a Gun was mainly inspired by Shakespear's Juliette but here is a modern Juliette with a gun in her hand who is indepentdent , self confident, at times dangerous and obtain whatever she needs but remain still feminine and romantic! Amazing are also the several fragrance names of this collection:
- Not a perfume
- Miss Charming
- Lady Vengeance
- Citizen Queen
- Calamity J.
- Midnight Oud
I came to the conclusion that the most names were perfectly choosed to describe the scent.

Interesting is also the fact how the fragrances are composed in a unique way uniting the familiar notes compositions like in Lady Vengeance: rose-patchouli-vanilla with a syntetic ingridient in this case Cetalox. Usually I don't like syntetic ingridients in perfumes but this one is giving exactly that kick what Juliette here actually is: a mix of the conventional and the modern Juliette! Further the Cetalox is not unpleasent in the nose like it actually sounds.
Lady Vengeance is actually the one I found for myself most suitable though I am not vengeful at all. I am using the gun just to bluff arround ;-)
As I already said the notes composition is familiar but this interpretation is very special. It gives you the right dose wearing it: you are not too young and not too old, not too provocative and not too shy...
You can wear it on your trip into the countryside almost tasting the scent like chocolate filled with strawberry cream or to a tango night wearing your bright red dress with compatible red lipstick and feeling ultra-feminine!

Here I have the same opinion like Romano by himself: for me a perfume doesn't have just to smell nice! While inhaling it, you have to have pictures in your head, the skin has to prickle!

The marketing strategy is also to approach the perfumery as an art, presenting these perfumes only through limited distribution such as concept stores or specialized perfumeries - precisely a niche perfume!

Juliette has a Gun offer a sample kit of all of the six fragrances on their website for just € 6,90 and free shipment all arround Europe!


  1. i am so craving to get this perfume!! i will look out for the samples. everything about it appeals to me, from the design, to the well chosen name to your descriptions. im really curious to try all 6 fragrances!

  2. Very dramatic name for a perfume :)

  3. @Sorlisa: yes it's a perfect, appealing concept behind it! You should try it, I'm sure you will love them!

    @el Shahlab: Welcome to my scented world!
    Sounds dramatic indeed, but she's just bluffing :-P

  4. I REALLY need to buy a HUGE bottle of Midnight Oud! :D I absolutely LOVE it, bosnishmuslima! :D <3 <3

  5. oooh what I have done to you lol....I have bought it also but somehow I got bored and changed my mind as Lady Vengeance suits me more!

  6. Hehe, I know! It's an addiction! :D

  7. Last night I dreamed that a friend gave me a perfume called "Chloé has a gun". Lol. Love our unconsciousness sometimes :)
    And I also still love "Juliette"!

  8. loooooooooooool how funny! I also have these weird dreams sometime....
    If you still haven't bought Midnight Oud I would like to send you a generous decant as I have a big bottle and don't use it that much!

  9. Oh dearest sister!
    I would be so incredibly happy to receive some more of that magical Midnight Oud!! :D <3 You're a (perfumed) angel :) :) <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much. When I'm done with my exams I promise to send you something too <3


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