Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giveaway "Zahra" by Swiss Arabian

Zahra by Swiss Arabian is an ultra-feminine, fruity-floral, sweet fragrance. I would declare it as a soft-oriental perfume with a delightfull sweetness which is very present.
The ingridients are rose, jasmine, marigold, mimosa, saffron, red berries, oud, sandlewood, musk and vanilla.

Though the red berries are the only fruit which is mentioned, in my nose there are much more fruits, exotic, yellow fruits and the fruitiness predominates.

On the first sniff I liked it, but while I am wearing it I notice that it is just not me! So I have decided to give it to you :-) if you want.

I have applied it twice so it is almost full and I still have the package.

So the giveaway is about one bottle "Zahra" perfume oil 30ml!

The rules are the same like the last time.
You can participate when you blog about this giveaway and send me a link of your post here in the comments.

You have time untill March 27th when the winner will be draw by lots and announced here.


  1. Oh oh, how WONDERFUL!! I'll post about this tomorrow when I have time to sit by the computer again! THANK you for making another give away sweet sister <3 This perfume sounds so lovely!

  2. Here you have the link to my post, my dear sis:


  3. Dear rose,
    thank you! You seem to have good chances ;-))

  4. Indeed I do ;-)

  5. I still have very good chances! :D ;) <3

  6. :DDDDD
    I will be sooo happy for you <3

  7. Oh I think I might have won my first give-away ever!? :D <3

  8. You had much luck dear :-P

    Anyway congrats :-D Please send me your adress for shimpent on


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