Sunday, March 13, 2011

My new arabian perfumes

I have bought several arabian perfumes which are worth to be mentioned so you will find some reviews on them in the next days.

Here is my list:

- Kalemat/Arabian Oud
- Al Hamra/Arabian Oud
- Zahrat al Khaleej/Arabian Oud
- Ghourub/Arabian Oud
- Egyptian Jasmin/Arabian Oud
- Hajar al Aswad/Al Qurashi
- Zahra/Swiss Arabian
- Rakaan/Swiss Arabian
- Rose Gallery/Oud Gallery
- Banafsaj/Syed Junaid


  1. can't wait for the reviews.
    i'm already curious looking at those... as to how each smells like! ^^

  2. wow great new collection - waiting to hear the review on the rose gallery!!!!

  3. stay tuned :-D

    @Blue Pearl: the rose gallery I actually bought for my mom. It is wonderfull and soooo long lasting! Inshaallah I will write a review in the next days!

  4. Im from Harlem, New York City 133rd and Broadway...THE HOOD to be exact. Fragrance oils have always been a big hit on the streets whether you are in the South Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn etc. There are always vendors selling oils..."Yo Ach, I got that Blue Nile for you" But, after traveling to the emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujaira I felt like Malcolm X in his journey to the East.

    I was amazed at the maze, galaxies and vertical/parrallel universes of scents as Emirati men walked by in traditional garb. My most memorable experience was an evening at the Dubai Mall at an Lebonese restaraunt eating Shish Tawouk. A group of Emerati's came in and you could smell the scents as if they were dancing off their skin and enticing anyone who dared to smell. The scents made mockery of your mere mortal average sub-par attar and cologne.

    The perfume was THAT good..or as we say in New York City "What's Good"!!! Wow, all I can say is that the Arabian-African-Indian-Eastern-Oriental attars are 'The' UNDISPUTED pound for pound heavy weight champions of Perfumery. Nothing compares...Period! All I know is that I will never wear cologne again! Sorry Hermes-Burberry, Your'e Fired!

    Sadly, when I returned home and I pass by the vendors in the South bronx selling the "new analogues" of Egyptian Musk...I chuckle in remembrance of Dubai where the real Attar is made! The real Attar you smell at Global Village while negotianing with the Yemen homey's to buy a cool traditional scarf. The real Attar. As they propostion me to sample it..I think to myself.."Sorry I dont buy McDonalds Attar" LOL


  5. What an amazing comment, read it chuckling! It seems that you caught the same fever as I! Your experience at the Lebanese restaurant reminds me on a similar story of mine:
    Unfortunately I did not find the scent yet :(
    Did you got to know which perfume it was?

    And yes I am with you, the oriental attars are uncomparable to anything I knew before.
    The attars sold by vendors aren't discussible! You hit the mark with McDonalds Attar lol

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