Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Fata Morgana

This is a story which happened last summer in Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Palace during my holidays.

My daughter and me sat in the restaurant in the morning eating our breakfast when they came in.

I never saw eyes like these, hazel, gold-shiny color beautifully formed...They were so beautifull and shiny, full of happiness and they looked at me behind the niqab of that young, elegant lady, hand in hand with her handsome husband.
They looked like a typical local couple. She was wearing a beautifull but simple black abaya having a wonderfull Louboutin clutch in mint python and he a white candura. But they were the first local couple I saw there, who were so intimate and lovingly to each other.  So due to this impression I was sure they were at their honeymoon.

The waiter placed them right beside our table. And at the moment they passed our table it happened....as they were taking place I sensed something so beautifull in the air that I never smelled before. I was sure it was a fragrance passing over from that couple.

They sat down, and she took her veil off. I was already asking myself how she will manage to eat with the niqab, as I never saw a woman with a niqab in a restaurant before.

It is very hard to describe the scent, but I still have it in my memory.
When I would choose a color to define it, I would choose the color salmon! It was soo smoothly and just a bit soapy, clean with a light oriental note but not oud, since it had nothing sharp in it, probably with a base of musk.

I wass kinda obsessed of it at that moment, as I am a total scent-freak! And every time she moved, or stood up a wave of this wonderfull note would come over to our table. I was really speechless.

I looked some times over to their table, but not too often, because I am normally a decent person and I know from my experience, that you don't feel comfortable when someone looks too often and too long in your direction.
I enjoyed this wonderfull smell during my whole breakfast and was really sad as we finished and had to leave.

But later in the afternoon as we came to the pool and took place at a sunlounger it happened again.

Again I was speechless and looked arround from where this scent is coming. There were just an older local lady in black who sat at the sunlounger beside us. And I thought she also is wearing the same fragrance as the young woman from the morning.

Then I went in the pool with my daughter and after slipping down the water slide I saw a young woman in front of me, wearing a nice burqini in front of me. And the same eyes looked at me again.

After a time I went to the sunlounger where I could see that the older lady beside me was the mother, or probably the mother-in-law of the mystical young lady, as they sat by each other sorrounded by a few kids and two men!
So they were not on their honeymoon and seemed to be a few years already married to each other, judging by the kids' age.

Just a few seconds later they took their whole stuff and went all together away.

I hoped so, to meet her again, as I really wanted to ask her about the fragrance and was not able in any of the situations I met her because of the intimate situations and the fact she was in company!

I never met her again!


And since then I am searching for that scent and I hope so, I will find it someday inshaallah, because I think it is probably the most beautifull smell I have ever sensed.


  1. loved this great writing and story,haha you never see locals being friendly.loved up? :P haha but yeah i hope u find the amazing scent too, maybe once u go dubai ull smell it again

  2. Nice story - I do hope you eventually find that scent...how is the sampling going so far?
    hugs and love:)

  3. Thank you my dears, I am glad you liked it! I love this kind of encounter which inspire me ;-)
    And yes I hope I will find it once I'm in Dubai!
    @Blue Pearl: I am in negotiation with Swiss Arabian about the prices and also to send me some samples for testing, because they usually don't do that :-SS Anyway I will post the result! Also I got the sample Chic Shaik No.30 - it's gorgeos and will also make a post about inshaallah!

  4. I'm eager to know the perfume that drove you insane too :D
    So lovely story, just loved it :D
    Thanks for sharing dear

  5. lol Rationality it's crazy but as I am really so crazy about perfume, I won't give up, untill I find it.
    Am so glad you liked the story :-D Anyway I will tell you if I find it!

  6. Haha believe me when you announce the perfume's name I will go to buy it directly :D
    That would please me for sure if you told me dear.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, May all your dreams and wishes come true this year and May Allah bless and protect your daughter for you.
    All the best

  7. Wish you also a blesse year full of happiness for you and your beloved inshaallah <3

    As for the perfume, I would be soooo happy if I find it.

    By the way, which perfume (arabian) do you use and which is your favorit?


  8. Amen. Thanks dear :)
    As for my favorite Arabian perfume it is Dahn Al oud. I always use it coz somehow it makes me relax.

  9. Oh pleas tell me which exactly. I am so curios because I had surprising bad expiriences with dahn al oud perfume I got as samples (you can take a look at my post about it)!


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