Friday, November 19, 2010

Enthusiasm vs. deadlock and desperation

Right now I am at one point where my enthusiasm is changing in a deadlock and almost deperation concerning my business plans.

I made a whole concept from a logo to a operating system and everything else. But still the most important things I need are not fullfilled!
I still don't have a product-line and I still don't have serious suppliers.

It is really strange and it makes me mad that no one of the big suppliers (Ajmal, Al Haramain, Swiss Arabian etc.) whom I emailed have even answered my emails not to mention they haven't replied my inquires...Aren't they in need of new customers :-SSSSS
The wholesaler are giving me purchase prices which aren't acceptable in any way if I want to make any profit. The prices are about the prices which you have in retail! Where is the logic here???

I already made a sample order at one wholesaler but it is far not enough to create a product line for my shop! So I would have to order more and more and test more and more! But this way is very expensive and the problem of finding the right supplier still remains!

With a heavy heart I made the decision that I make a deadlock for my search untill March 2011. Then there will be a perfume trade in Sharjah and inshaallah I am assuming that there I can solve both of my problems.

In the meantime I will concentrate on market researches and educating myself more in perfumery stuff and sales policy.

Though I know that a trade fair is necessery I never thougt that I won't be able via internet to make my first contacts.
I don't know if it is a mentality problem of the Arabs, not to answer and to show so little interest in new customers but it looks like that. Nevertheless my passion for everything arabic still remains ;-D

From my experiences in Germany I know that these kind of behaviour is not acceptable in business and I never made those experiencess in my career!


  1. Dear sister,

    Perhaps they'll reply a little later than what you'd normally expect... Insha'Allah! I hope your business will be a succes. And remember that you plan but Allah (swt) plans too - and He will most surely make the things happen for you, which you need and which are good for you! SO... although you don't see the logic right now, insha'Allah you will with time and everything will come into place smoothly and turn up your enthusiam :D :) :)
    Best of luck sweet sister!!! <3

  2. my dear, you always have the right words of encouragement ;-DD And you are probably right, just Allah knows whats the best for me and everything happening has its reason. But its really sucking when you are fully into something and you don't get on....But anyway I will keep up inshaallah!

  3. Dear bosnishmuslima, Alhamdulillah, I'm glad if you appreciate my words :) I know how much it sucks to not get what you think you need right now!! Life has its ups and downs and only Allah (swt) knows why these different things are happening to us and what is awaiting us in this world and the Hereafter.
    Sweetheart, make duaa and insha'Allah your business will be running within too long!! <3


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