Monday, November 15, 2010

Oud in western perfumes - Test I

Juliette has a Gun - Midnight Oud
Well, Juliette has a Gun - Midnight Oud sounds so heavy, that I imagined this would be a deep scent where Oud is in its deepest form and will be the main scent dominating everything else!
But NO it is not! It is not deep, nor it is dominating, nor does it smell like pure Oud. It smells very syntetic somewhere in the background.
The fragrance itself smells fine and fresh but don't diserve this name!


Montale has a very wide collection of Oud perfumes which are very popular among all nations, both Arabs and western people. The nose behind the Montale fragrances is Pierre Montale, who spent a long time among Arabs on the Arabian peninsula and created even private perfumes for royal families!
So I started to test this sort of Oud perfumes and here are the results:

Montale - Royal Oud
Royal Oud sounds to me as the best of the best, so I had very high expectations on this! But I have to admit that I got disappointed.
Right after the first spray all you can smell is a very strong medicinal smell which is so dominant and last over an hour in its itensity.After an hour it the medicinal note deminish but stays all the time in the background!
All in all it is a deep and fresh note based on the ingridients of kumquat and grapefruit but this medicinal scent make you fell like you are in a hospital :-((

Montale - White Oud
Montale White Oud is a very soft and warm scent, more feminine in my opinion. But there is also the medicinal scent which is dominant but not that much as the Royal Oud. Damascus Rose and Vanila make the scent very smooth and powdery, but the medicinal scent is also always present.
So here also a NO from me!
Though I think it is worth to take a smell on some other Montale fragrances...

What about you? Did you make some experiences with these scents?
Any suggestions my dears?


  1. I love reading your reviews of the perfumes and I myself would have a hard time giving a review on a perfume, not knowing which expressions to use :) But you do it so wonderfully! Masha'Allah. I still haven't smelled any oudh yet, but insha'Allah I will soon. Do the Arabian perfumes with oudh contain alchohol or not?


  2. Thank you so much for the compliment, I am glad you like it ;-D
    As I am still testing the western ouds and there are really little which can be considered as Oudh I can just say at the moment if you want to test some of them take Tom Ford Oud Wood, or any Oud from Micallef! But these ones are very expensive. You can also try some of the Montale if you like. As for the arabian perfume when you choose oil perfume they are without alcohol. Arabian perfume sprays contains alcohol same as the wester ones!
    Thank you once again sweetheart <3



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