Thursday, November 25, 2010

Designer Shaik - perfume collection

Shaik is a selective fragrance line born in Arabia, in fairy-taley Bahrain, created without much restriction in components, as a fairy tale does not know limitations, as well as its founder Mohammed Al Asfoor in his desire to present it to us.
The bottles of his fragrances speak for themselves. They look extravagant, with pieces of silver and Swarowski crystals.

The first collection is named Opulent Blue, launched in 2007, and is composed of two jewels:
Opulent Shaik No. 33 (Women)

Opulent Shaik No. 77 (Men)
The compostition is created of spices as well with woodsy, musk, and wild flowers note.

The second collection is called Chic Shaik, launched in 2008 and has also following two jewels:
Chic Shaik No. 30 (Women)
Chic Shaik No. 70 (Men)
The chic shaik collection is much lighter fragrance than the previous one from the Opulent Blue Collection.
The women fragrance includes aromatic, floral and woody notes and the for the men it is a aromatic, woody note.

I personally ordered a sample from Chic Shaik No. 30 to test it and here are the results:

My first impression was, wow what a rich fragrance, full of thousand different flowers. It is a bit sweet, a bit spicey but not woody. The vanilla makes it smooth, but just a bit in the background. All in all it is a flower bomb! And you will deffinetly stand out with this rich and very feminine fragrance.
So for the quite and decent tastes: don't waste your time with it!
It is described that this one is lighter than the Opulent collection. But for me already this one is so strong, that I really can not imagine how the Opulent fragrance is.
Anyway I will test it and let you know!


  1. wow, love the bottle! looks totally cool

  2. yes dear, me too! It looks so extravagant!

  3. Having lived in Bahrain for 2 years, I eventually bought Opulent Shaik No 33 & 77 for myself and my husband. We are now in Houston, USA and people here always ask us what perfume we are wearing. I love this perfume but now the bottle is nearly empty and I can't buy it here or in Europe. I shall have to somehow fly with Gulf Air, a Bahraini airline.

  4. Dear Roving Expat,

    why dont you try here
    If I am right you can order it directly there and they ship worldwide.


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