Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm so inlove with Tom........

Ford's Oud Wood ;-DD

I really love it and I finally got it yesterday, alhamdullilah! I am really soo happy, because I could not think about any other perfume to buy since I have tested it last month. Since the Private Blend Collection of Tom Ford is only to find at very exclusive perfumeries mostly in big metropolisis; and since I don't live at one I had to drive over two hours to get to Dusseldorf, where I go for shopping from time to time.
So yesterday finally it was the day of the days and now it's mine. It is like a drug to me, I can't stop smelling it since yesterday ;-)))))))
Yes I am - crazy, when I get in love with a perfume...And this one is one of the best I ever had...
So you see my joy is unbreakable and won't blabber too much I will just give you a short discription and for every perfume lover a very MUST-TEST!!!

So here the notes of this wonderfull perfume: amber, cardammom, oud, pepper, rosewood, sandlewood, vanilla and vetiver

Just the opening of this scent make you speechless..There comes a spicy freshness due to the authentic oud and seems just a bit mossy, and the rose and amber make it wonderfully smooth, the pepper underline the sharpness of the oud so naturally and discriteely, mmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmm

It is a deep and full fragrance, at the same time fresh but warm and smooth and it is absolutely out of the ordinary. If you wear this you will anyway attract attention because it is all in all a very classy scent!!!

MY VERY NO 1 at the moment!

If you are interested in any of the Tom Ford's Private Blend fragrances, you can ask me for a tip or description, as I tested almost all and the most are really great! Just drop me a line...

As I have tested many new exclusive scents, I will post about Chic Shai, SoOud,..... these days, inshaallah - STAY TUNED


  1. I LOVE IT, i bought a couple of his perfumes Arabian Oud is my fave and Tuscan Leather the most amazing way for East to meet West
    Perfumes4eva :P

  2. I also like Amber Absolute and Japon Noir. But I did not tried Morrocon Bois, it sounds interesting so would like to test it. Did you try it?

  3. I looove Tom Ford's private blends! I mix Oud Wood with Noir de Noir and for that's perfection =)

  4. First of all, dear Mrs. Handbag welcome here in my perfume world. Glad you are here, missed you already ;-)
    Once you told me that, and now I have also tried the mix, and yes it is wonderfull. But at the moment the pure Oud Wood is above all for me :-D
    And I also love some more of the Private blend...

  5. What would you recommend as a good oud from the arabic perfume market. i would love to try some. also i've been looking in to musk gazelle but there are so many brands, not sure which to get. i heard ajma is a good brand, i might have spelled that wrong. please recommend! thanks :)

  6. Dear Si,
    appologize for the late reply! First of all it is a question of taste. As the oud in arabian perfumes is authentic, very strong you have to choose if you want a pure oud or a mukhallat(mixed with other ingridients) which softens the intensity of the oud! So I would recommend for pure oud:
    "Oud Kamodi" from Swiss Arabian
    and for the mixed sort:
    "Mukhallat Dehn al Oudh Moattaq" from Ajmal.
    Musk gazelle is also very animalic and you can try Ajmal, it is a good quality brand.


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